Beware the false dilemma! How to pivot away from either-or questions…

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Consider these four questions. You’ve seen headlines like these in your social media feeds: Who suffers more: Alzheimer’s patients or Alzheimer’s caregivers? What’s more important: presentation content or presentation delivery? Office work or remote work: which is better for productivity? Why would anyone need to go to college when they could just take online classes? …

Lose your fear and learn to present on-camera.

Lose your fear and learn to present on-camera

By Laura Bergells on

Three years ago, I organized an online web conference. At the request of an organization, I interviewed three of their Subject Matter Experts to get background information for a presentation. The following photo is a re-creation of what I saw in this online meeting: Uh-huh. That’s right. For almost the entire interview, I stared at …

The right to bare arms!

Fashions change. Fundamentals don’t.

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In the 1990’s, I worked for a company that changed its dress code. We went from business formal to business casual. Employees accepted this change readily. I felt like I got a raise, because my dry cleaning expenses almost disappeared. And the comfort of ditching a suit for the dark jeans, tee-shirt, and blazer combo? …

What are you doing with your face and body during a team presentation?

What are you doing with your face + body during a team presentation?

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Being a part of a team or ensemble can be fun and uplifting. And for the audience, a great team is a joy to watch. Ask any sports fan. They’ll tell you this is true. In contrast, let me describe the on-screen action I saw in a recent online group presentation. Maybe this will sound …

emoji use in business

🔥 Are you tapping into the red-hot octopus power of emoji? 🐙

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On a personal note, friends have texted me the octopus emoji over the past year. Same deal with the fire emoji. These are inside jokes. They make me smile. The red hot octopus emoji? They help me bond with my friends. 🐙🔥 But what about using emoji in business? How well are businesses using emoji …

Is real bravery fake confidence?

Face it: you need to fake it. Authenticity is not all it’s cracked up to be.

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Authenticity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. To show our care and compassion for others, we often need to put aside our feelings. There are higher truths that need to be served. Ask a mother whose child has fallen off a swing set. The child is bleeding and crying. Does the mother give in …

hate meetings

Hate meetings? Try implementing this one simple rule to change the way you feel forever.

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I love meetings. But I understand why you might not. A friend recently shared a workplace anecdote. One day, she and her colleagues gathered together for a meeting. For the first few minutes, they shuffled papers and fumbled with their phones. Then they stared at each other. Finally, someone said it. “Hey, what’s this meeting about?” …

Impostor Syndrome is not the problem. Expert Syndrome is.

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Apparently, I have Impostor Syndrome. An estimated 70% of us do. Even so, I don’t feel I should write this post. Who am I to write about my own experience? I don’t even know how to spell it. Is it Imposter Syndrome? Or is it Impostor Syndrome? E or O? That’s the essence of Imposter Syndrome. …

Pavlov's dog conditioner

When businesses thank you for your patience, they’re treating you like a dog — one of Pavlov’s dogs.

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I often act patient, even when I don’t feel it. I’ll bet you have, too. We’ve been conditioned. Let’s say you been on hold with customer service for what seems like forever. One of the first things the phone rep might say is “thank you for your patience.” They’ve been trained to say it. But …