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What’s the exact opposite of what you’re saying?

By Laura Bergells on

When you edit a business presentation that offers a numbered list or step-by-step instructions, here’s a fun way to make your content more satisfying. In your head, ask yourself, “what might the exact opposite of that action be?” “Communicate with employees” might become “Leave employees in the dark.” “Follow the company policy manual” can be …

Ask yourself: what does your audience really want?

By Laura Bergells on

Google Plus opened its doors for business pages yesterday. Far out, right? Boom! I’m suddenly getting swamped with requests to follow new G+ business pages. So let’s say you’re a business communicator. And you’re posting the exact same content to your Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus pages today. Oh, uh! You’re being redundant. Think about …

What is the most interesting part of your presentation?

By Laura Bergells on

Let’s say you’ve been asked to stand & deliver a one-hour presentation to a large business audience. So you craft a presentation. You rehearse. At this point, it’s time to deploy an old speechwriter’s tip. Ask yourself: “What is the single most interesting part of my presentation?” Answer honestly. Your response should give you some …