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Four online courses taught by Laura Bergells

Establishing Credibility as a Speaker – 33 minutes. Great for beginners, this course also provides solid reminders for polished speakers who want to review the basics. A terrific team-building lunch and learn,

Establishing Credibility as a Speaker
What people are saying:
“I found this to be a very insightful course on public speaking techniques. The methods presented make sense and feel applicable in all scenarios – whether with large or small crowds.

Laura Bergells has a great, balanced energy and presents the material very well, such that a viewer might take this as example for their own oration events.

“I learned great tips on public speaking, which has never been my strong point.

“Lots of good information in a short, quick video. Great to watch before my next presentation!

Public Speaking Foundations – 63 minutes. Great for beginners, but also an excellent brush-up for seasoned speakers. Popular with college students as well as corporate clients who want to provide employees with mentorship materials.

Public Speaking Foundations
What people are saying:

Each video is packed with great information at a powerful and thoughtful pace.

This is a very practical course from which anybody can benefit. The author is very engaging and displays friendliness and confidence – just as one would expect an expert speaker to do.

Laura Bergells has the warm confidence of an expert speaker, but also makes great use of body language, vocals and props to convey the proper message. 

I particularly like how the chapters emphasize the distinction between the material and the presenter with ‘Prepare your Speech’ and ‘Prepare FOR Your Speech’. This lets the viewer immediately know to plan ahead for a speech event as a talk and also as a physical experience to prep properly.

Crisis Communication – 62 minutes. How well does your company handle a crisis? This course covers how to respond quickly and confidently. Corporate clients often watch this course and do the exercises together. College professors also assign it in PR classes covering the topic. 

Crisis Communication Training
What students are saying:

“This is one of the best courses in the PR series by far, based on the readily actionable steps and great supporting material!”

“This course on Crisis Communications is the best training of this type I have seen.

Scrivener Essential Training.  127 minutes. A good speech is rooted in great writing and clear organization. Scrivener is a tool that helps writers and speakers organize their thoughts and create compelling long-form written work. This course is popular with authors and novelists, as well as students and professors who must create long-form written work.

Scrivener Training
What students are saying:

“A wealth of info. I chose to watch this prior to purchasing Scrivener to understand the value. I am thrilled.

“This course showed me features I didn’t know existed…”

“The pace and content were good for someone fairly new to the software.

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