how to generate chit chat

How to generate chit-chat in online meetings and classes

By Laura Bergells on

Chit-chat is valuable. It’s how we connect with each other. It generates feelings of trust and empathy. How do you generate chit-chat and off-topic discussions in online classes and meetings? Here are my top 6 ways. 1. Pre-game. I tell students that I show up 15 minutes before class starts. If they’d like to pop …

4 places to find stories

Creating a culture of storytelling: 4 areas to begin your story hunt

By Laura Bergells on

Are you creating or nurturing a culture of storytelling at your organization? In my storyfinding workshop, we talk about 4 areas to begin a story hunt: 1️⃣ Online reviews. Start mining online reviews. People will sometimes describe an experience they had with your company. How can you follow up to create a story? 2️⃣ Complaints …

Culture of Storytelling

4 ways to develop a culture of storytelling at your organization

By Laura Bergells on

How can you develop a culture of storytelling at your organization? Four quick tips: 1. Meetings: get into the habit of starting each meeting with a story. Ask for others to share stories. 2. Contests: you might have an “employee of the month” contest: why not try a “employee story of the month” contest? 3. …