When making a surprise announcement, don’t say this…

You made a surprise announcement. You didn’t drop a bombshell.

I’m more than a little strung out when I hear those in the news media say something like, “Mr. Peacock dropped a major bombshell at Wince Country Club today. We’ll give you details after the break.”

Instantly, my mind goes to actual bombs. Wounded people. Deaths. Injuries.

Yes. That’s what dropping a bombshell on a golf course can literally do. And yes, the news anchor got my attention by using this phrase. But they tricked me. They used the figurative ‘bombshell’ term to basically hype a story about a longtime country club owner who announced that he would be selling his golf course.

That’s not a bombshell. That’s grim, ghoulish, and irresponsible journalism.

We’re a community. We’re a home to refugees from war torn countries. We are members of the armed services and aid volunteers, or friends and families with those who have served. We’ve been hurt by terrorists, or comforted those who have been harmed by terrorist attacks.

Continuing to use the figurative ‘bombshell’ phrase for non-violent situations shows a lack of sensitivity and empathy for a diverse audience.

You made a surprise announcement. You didn’t drop a bombshell.