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Your final words: how NOT to close a presentation

I asked folks on Twitter:

“What’s the worst way to end a presentation?”

My own personal pet peeve is ending with “Are there any questions?”  Q & A is such a weak & wimpy close. Regrettably, I hear it far too often.

However, within 12 minutes of my Twitter query, I received even more brilliant answers — brainstorms from the gang on Twitter:

End Presentations Well

A few more minutes go by, and I get a few more brilliant answers.

How to Close a Presentation
(Thanks to S_Vandergriff, FensterV, Admore, Clairecelsi, jbrons, boyink, bisquiat, mbresnahan, alissajean, and doctorzen for sharing your feelings, thoughts, and sense of humor!)

What’s the worst way to close a speech you’ve ever witnessed — or heard tale of?