Voice Typing: 4 Tips to Get Good at It

By Laura Bergells on
voice typing 4 tips

I’ve been voice typing every day since the middle of February. With daily practice, I’m getting good at it.

When I first started voice typing, I Googled, “How to Get Good at Voice Typing”. I wanted tips on how to increase my word quantity and quality. Instead, all I got were tips on how to use the technology.

This wasn’t helpful, because the technology is easy to use. You turn on the software and talk: the software listens and types down what you say. That shouldn’t be a 1,000 word article  — but it often was. And it was frustrating.

Rather, I was looking for more psychological tips. How does someone who has decades of experience as a daily finger typist get good at voice typing? What do I need to do physically and mentally to get better at it?

After almost 3 months of daily practice with voice typing, I gleaned some insights. I share the process and techniques that worked — and failed — in a short video.

  • What Voice Typing system do I use?
  • What’s my process?
  • Do I Voice Type faster if I look at a blank wall or if I look out the window?
  • Do I Voice Type using punctuation or not?
  • Does using body language help or hurt the process?
  • What about emotion? Do you stay stoic or speak with feeling?

I answer all these questions and more in a short YouTube Video “Voice Typing: 4 tips”

What are your tips for improving your voice typing word quality and quantity? Will voice typing catch on? Will writers use it to produce more and better content?

Those are the questions I can’t answer! If you have insights that can help me with voice typing, please share them in the comments.