6 Ways Public Speaking Transforms You as a Person

Sometimes, students will ask to be excused from delivering an oral report. Many say they have chosen careers where they won’t be speaking to groups, ever — so why bother?

Wouldn’t a written report be better for them?

Of course not! When you use your voice, you have the potential to change the world! That’s the number one reason to learn and practice public speaking skills!

But if we put aside altruism and get all selfish for a second, let’s look at 6 things public speaking can do for YOU, as an individual who has no desire to speak in public whatsoever:

Public speaking help YOU because:

  • Public speaking builds your confidence. When you manage your fear of speaking in front of a group, you feel more empowered and self-assured. You can also get positive feedback from your audience, which can boost your self-esteem.
  • Public speaking improves your research and critical thinking skills. Preparing a speech requires finding credible sources, organizing your ideas, and presenting them logically. You’ll discover that oral arguments can often be far more persuasive than written ones!
  • Public speaking builds empathy. You’ll want to tailor your message to your audience. Audience research and reading the room lets you get out of your own head and into the hearts and minds of others.
  • Public speaking strengthens your oral communication skills. Speaking clearly, concisely, and effectively is a valuable skill that can help you in many situations, such as job interviews, meetings, presentations, and negotiations. 
  • Public speaking markets your business or career. Public speaking can help you showcase your expertise, network with others, and create new opportunities for yourself. 
  • Public speaking gives you a chance to meet others with similar interests. Public speaking can help you connect with people who share your passions, values, or hobbies.

As you can see, public speaking has life-changing benefits! It also allows you to use your powers of persuasion to counter weak arguments like “I shouldn’t do an oral report because I don’t plan on using my voice to bring positive change to myself or others!”

How else has public speaking helped you personally or professionally?

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