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Uptalk can be lovely

Uptalk can be lovely

As we move from authoritarian leadership styles to more collaborative leadership styles, you might want to insert a little uptalk into your conversations.

What’s uptalk? It’s when you raise your voice at the end of a sentence. You speak a sentence, but the upward lilt makes it sound like a question. It makes you sound uncertain, tentative, or even dubious.

It’s OK to be uncertain. It’s OK to not speak with absolute authority and conviction at all times. It’s OK to be skeptical.

And it’s totally OK not to know all the answers!

I’m one of the few public speaking coaches I know who thinks a little uptalk is lovely. Aside from signaling uncertainty, uptalk increases vocal variety through pitch changes. Variety can make it more interesting to listen to your voice.

As long as it’s not done to distraction, a little uptalk can make you more approachable and likable. Those qualities can make you a more effective and collaborative leader.

Listen to Jeopardy to understand the value of uptalk.


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