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Sometimes, I’m in the mainstream news.

Social Media in West Michigan
WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin – February 10, 2010
We talk Social Media with those in the trenches, instrumental in spreading upcoming West Michigan events and more. Shelley Irwin speaks with Paul Jendrasiak and Laura Bergells

Super Bowl Ads Attract Big Attention
WZZM – Feb 8, 2010
Laura Bergells
says the internet will allow companies to not only catch consumers attention, but hold on to them for much longer than before.

aimWest seminar highlights business benefits of social networking – Cami Reister – ?Nov 16, 2009?
Laura Bergells
of will talk about personal branding. She has been using social media since her first blog post in 2003 and said it is a must

Coworking: A new buzzword in West Michigan
Kalamazoo Gazette – – Olivia Pulsinelli – Oct 29, 2009
When I spoke to Laura Bergells for a story about aimWest’s social media ConFab the other day, she said one thing they’re planning to include at the event
Social media event launches in Grand Rapids – Olivia Pulsinelli – Oct 20, 2009?
Social media conferences are popping up all over the country, particularly in cities like Boston and New York, said aimWest board member Laura Bergells

Social business: Building brands in the social media realm
Business Review West Michigan – August 13, 2009 | Olivia Pulsinelli
Social media underscores the absolute importance of brand for both companies and individuals, said Laura Bergells, a freelance Web content developer, speaker and Internet marketing consultant based in Grand Rapids. Bergells will teach Grand Valley State University’s first social media MBA elective this fall.

Wrestling with social networking
MiBiz – June 22, 2009

Bergells said businesses do not need a separate social media policy. “Most companies already have a communications policy, hiring policy and HR policy,” Bergells said. “I recommend their current policy include appropriate use of social media by employees and…”

Laura Bergells – Web PR Expert
Blog Talk Radio – October 2008
Laura Bergells will share her take on using WEB 2.0 and old school methods, on gaining buzz on your film project

Web Design Should Focus on Increasing Traffic
Business Feet – July 8, 2008
According to Kentwood online marketing expert Laura Bergells, web design is all too often a goal in itself without considering the need to reach the desired audience.

Build a Web Page That is Accessible, Appealing – Jul 7, 2008
Internet marketing consultant Laura Bergells, of Kentwood, said many Internet newbies make poor design decisions…

Web Users Share Their Experiences
Grand Rapids Press, 2008
Laura Bergells: Favorite Web Applications: Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Joomla!

Sticky cities, slippery workers
Michigan Business Review – Jun 21, 2007
Laura Bergells could be a poster child for the new economic development model. When she graduated from Michigan State University,

Search Engine Marketing: Why Broad is Flawed – Aug 27, 2002 by Laura Bergells.
A few weeks ago, a potential customer called me. A low-to-no-cost internet service provider, he had what he thought was a great idea:

Building Link Popularity: New Tips from the SEO Pros
WebProNews – Oct 8, 2002
Laura Bergells is an internet attraction and distance learning specialist.

How to Develop a Wireless Advertising Campaign
WebProNews – Sep 25, 2002
Laura Bergells is very active in the world of internet marketing.


How hashtags help promote West Michigan
Influence Blog – May 13, 2010

9 Tips for Enriching Your Presentions with Social Media
Mashable – December 14, 2009
Laura Bergells
, an experienced backchannel presenter explains that “it’s harder to snark at a presenter when you’ve previously created an online relationship! Connecting with an audience on Twitter first can turn an anonymous audience

Tips from the Trenches: Get Your Clients to Pay Up
Web Worker Daily = Sep 11, 2009
Writer Laura Bergells of Maniactive picked up this tip from an editor.

Social Media Slam
1 Jun 2009 by Tim Penning, APR
Last Thursday I attended a “social media slam” organized by LinkedUpGR (A LinkedIn group that can be followed on Twitter @LinkedUpGR), moderated by blogger/consultant Laura Bergells (@maniactive), and hosted at Amway world headquarters…

Best Public Speaking Tips and Techniques
9 May 2009 by Andrew Dlugan
Laura Bergells lightheartedly argues that your presentation is not equal to your PowerPoint slides. 

25 Signs You’ve Got a Strong SM Consultant or Agency
The Buzz Bin – Jan. 05, 2009 – Geoff Livingston + Beth Harte
20) Won’t act as your social media ‘voice’ or ghostwrite for you (example: Laura Bergells).

PowerPoint Presentations – a wishlist for 2009
Keep Talking! Jan. 4, 2009 – Craig Strachan
Laura Bergells makes a great point about going picture crazy and replacing every single line of text with graphics. We do need to find a balance…

Best Public Speaking Articles: Weekly Review
Six Minutes – 03 January 2009 by Andrew Dlugan
Laura Bergells believes that PowerPoint slides with simple images and minimal words have swung the pendulum too far.

How to use PowerPoint in 2009
Eloquent Woman – 1 Jan 2009 – Denise Graveline
Olivia Mitchell of the Speaking About Presenting blog sent me this provocative post by Laura Bergells on the Maniactive blog: It notes the backlash against bullet-filled PowerPoint slides, which led to simple art-filled slides.

No Death By PowerPoint
IT Knowledge Exchange – Dec. 18, 2008 – William Petersen
Laura Bergells showed us an interesting research on PowerPoint Death with data analysis.

5 Video Guides to Social Media and Social Media Marketing
The Talent Blog – November 11, 2008
Laura Bergells tells a charming and insightful tale.

Touch Your Audience With These Touchy Feely Tips
The NonBillable Hour – Matthew Homan – October 28, 2008
Here’s a must-read post from Laura Bergellswith six “touchy-feely” tips…

How to Go from Good Presenter to Great Presenter
Speaking About Presenting – October 21, 2008
Laura Bergells has Top 6 Touchy-Feely Presentation Rehearsal Tips

Best Public Speaking Articles: Weekly Review
Six Minutes 11 Oct 2008 by Andrew Dlugan
Laura Bergells outlines 6 “touchy-feely” tips for rehearsing your presentation.

Best Public Speaking Articles: Weekly Review
Six Minutes 09 Aug 2008 by Andrew Dlugan
Laura Bergells reports the merits of recording your voice during rehearsal.

Best Public Speaking Articles: Weekly Review
Six Minutes 05 Jul 2008 by Andrew Dlugan
Laura Bergells suggests three ways to close with a bang.

Best Public Speaking Articles: Weekly Review
Six Minutes 28 June 2008 by Andrew Dlugan
Laura Bergells declares that we are entering a new era: Post-template PowerPoint Design.

113 Expert and Best Business Quotes of All Time
Junta Blog June 29, 2008
“You can’t blame the pen or the paper if you write a lousy essay, right?”
Laura Bergells, Presentation Consultant