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Practice flags, bridges, and hooks

Flags, Bridges, and Hooks

You’ll want to practice your flags, bridges, and hooks. They can help you as you present on camera or go into media interviews.

Flags, bridges, and hooks help make a media interview conversational. They also help you answer tough questions and make a stronger impact.

🚩 Flagging statements signal you’re about to say something important. Think of someone planting a flag: it captures attention.

Flag examples:

🚩 If you remember one thing: remember this…
🚩 This is the key takeaway…
🚩 It all comes down to this….

Flagging Statements

🌉 Bridging statements signal you’re about to transition into another subject. Think of crossing a bridge: you’re going from one area to another.

Bridge examples:

🌉 Let’s turn our attention to…
🌉 Another area of interest is…
🌉 Let’s look at…

Bridging Statements

🦈 Hooking statements inspire your audience to ask follow up questions. Think of dangling tempting bait that lures the interviewer into asking questions you want them to ask.

Hook examples:

🐠 That’s just one easy method to…
🐠 There’s yet another way to get even better results.
🐠 I recommend a totally new approach.

Hooking Statements

Of course, there are other examples of flagging, bridging, and hooking statements. 🦈

Be prepared. Drill your tough questions, and practice your flags, bridges, and hooks before your next media interview or online, on-camera appearance.


Laura Bergells is a professional story finder. She writes, coaches, teaches, and speaks. Check out her online courses at LinkedIn Learning.

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