Laura Bergells teachesAbout Laura Bergells. I help organizations learn to build and strengthen relationships with their core audiences. How?

  1. Creating Online Content. I write/produce online copy. I also write/produce online video scripts & podcasts. However, I start with identifying your audience and objectives before diving into specific technologies and tactics. I prefer to develop a plan and teach you to how to create your own stellar content, but I pitch in with tactics if you need it.
  2. Building + Strengthening Online Communities. I help guide your efforts to build a community around engaging ideas. You’ve heard about popular social media tools – Twitter, FaceBook, Blogging, YouTube, Lifestreaming, etc. – but how do you get started? How do you express your ideas in a way that engages? I’ve been using the tools to help build community for quite some time, and can help you get started — and keep going.
  3. Monitoring + Responding to Online Chatter. Monitoring is listening to what your core constituencies are saying about you, your brand, your products, and your markets. Through listening, you gain keen insight into the needs of your customers. You can only listen for so long, however. At some point, you’ll need to respond. When you’re ready to take your marketing efforts to a more human, interactive, and conversational level – you’ll need a monitoring and response strategy firmly in place. I have the tools & the experience – I can help.
  4. Energizing Your Base – Let’s say your listening and response program reveals that you have a community of raving fans. How do you tap into this positive energy to help your brand fans spread positive word of mouse (yeah, I said mouse) for your organization? I help you create a communication plan packed with sparkling ideas to keep positive momentum rolling.
  5. Speaking, Coaching, and Training. I am a professional speaker and educator. For over a year, I’ve been presenting a great deal on the topic of social media and social networking. A storyteller by nature, I give the audience humor, inspiration, as well as concrete ideas for going forward with a solid social media strategy.

Biography: Laura Bergells built & marketed web sites in the early 1990’s for automotive companies, including Detroit Diesel, Penske Motorsports, and Diesel Technology. Laura also served as an internet marketing consultant in the pioneer days of Autotrader.com and eBay Motors. Since 1999, Miss Bergells is a freelance web content developer, community builder, and speaker. Her popular blog, Maniactive.com, is a must-read for those who deliver presentations to modern, media-savvy audiences. An adjunct instructor at the Seidman College of Business at Grand Valley State University, Laura teaches Creativity in Marketing and Social Media/Web Marketing. She is a graduate of Michigan State University, with a BA degree in Telecommunications and Sociology. She earned her Master’s degree from Grand Valley State University.

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